Saturday, October 30, 2010

The G-Day

Thanking God so much for what He’s done for me, and once again i’m so proud for being SUSAN SAPUTRA, S.T. Hihihi, my degree is Bachelor of Engineering.

Thanks to my family, mom, sis, and bro, for amazing courages and never stop supporting me. And also thanks to all my friends who had been there everytime I needed some supports and entertainment :D

Today was really special since i had my graduation with the eruption of Merapi, the mount produced a real big ‘wedhus gembel’ and the ashes rain hit the town. See my previous post for real picture of this  morning atmosphere.

Well, so one of my goal that i made on my resolution is happening today :) I hope I can reach my next goal, get a job with great salary and fit me very well.

Last but not least, thanks for everyone who’s coming to my graduation ceremonial!! Much Love =*

-The Graduation Night -

100_1288 100_1283 100_1289

- The Graduation Ceremonial -

100_1312 100_1321 100_1322 100_1328 100_1335 100_1340 100_1341100_1347 IMG00356-20101030-1338


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