Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winner of IMB (Indonesia Mencari Bakat

is.......... KLANTINK!!! Congratulation!! But to be honest, I'd prefer Putri Ayu to be the winner. She's so young and talented, and her talent is different and unique. Though my favorite contestant is Hudson.

For me, Klantink is just like another street musician, u can find many musicians like them here in Malioboro, or maybe in Surabaya or another city in Indonesia. There's so many group like them. Yet, their voices are standard, they aren't good looking also, the plus point is they use traditional instrument and often sing keroncong (one of traditional music genre from Indonesia), but that's it. But they have so many supporter from different background. Well, the main thing is how lucky they are. They tried, they got in, and they showed their ability with a very humble self, that's why people like them, I guess.

Well, there will be next season of IMB on transtv, and there's also Indonesia's Got Talent on indosiar. Very competitive show. I'll review IGT after it shortlisted to the final round.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, though i am not from Indonesia, I followed some items of IMB on the Internet.

In my opinion KLANTINK won the contest based on originality, creativity, arrangements, choreography and performance.

It is not a beauty contest, not a must-come-from-big-city show or a show-your-wealth contest.

Their talent is to show that they are good enough to be street musicians with traditional instruments - some of them are selfmade I think -and original voices and show that they ar good enough to be the best talent of Indonesia.

Good luck to every contestant of IBM in their near future and hope to see KLANTINK with a international hitsong!!!

san said...

well yeah, i agree for some of the statements.. But if u come to Indonesia, u will really see that there are so many street musicians like them.

And about the arrangements and performance, of course it was the idea of creative team from the tv station, and maybe a lil touch from Klantink.

Well, the point is thanks to IMB so they could show their talent and recognized by Indonesian audiences and also international audiences.

ayhacahaya said...

kereeeeen :)