Saturday, October 2, 2010

Food Journal : Nagoya Japanese Cuisine

If you think you are okay to pay a lot for foods, try go to Nagoya Japanese Cuisine. Placed in Grand Quality Hotel Jogjakarta, this is a restaurant inside the hotel with full of Japanese menus like Sushi, Sashimi, Bento, Teppanyaki.

There’s also Chinese Restaurant named Serayu Chinese Restaurant inside the hotel, and the foods are good. They have a promotion for all dimsum menus, 50% off, and the best thing is they open for 24 hours. Dimsum menus in Serayu always become the favorite among peoples. Yeah, we love it!

Back to Nagoya, so I was going with my besties, to spend the voucher she has, IDR 540K. It is huge, right? That’s why we went to Nagoya. We didnt order the teppanyaki set, we chose to eat sashimi and sushi. Shabu-shabu, a japanese fried noodle, japanese fried rice, and two boxes of salmon teriyaki bento, and ocha for the drink. I’m not a big fan of raw food actually, so today was my first time trying these raw sushi and sashimi. They were so chewy! I tried the raw salmon and tuna sashimi, and salmon sushi and the roll sushi. Still tasted really weird, although i ate that with the sauce. Ewww… Still not a big fan ;p I totally prefer the ripe one. I love the teriyaki bento, but it’s expensive. Only got a small salmon. Hufhh.. The shabu2 and japanese fried noodle tasted so-so.. I like the fried rice, but i think it tastes like Indonesian food instead. Though they put nori at the fried rice, with prawns, eggs, and satay. Fyi, the fried rice is the cheapest food there, IDR 28K.

We spent around IDR 700K for seven persons, thank God we had the voucher!! Hahaha.. So eating those things for IDR 25K is really worth enough! :D

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