Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Journal : Musiro

I’ve been lacked of post, cos i got no internet. My modem has reached its active time. So yeah, i must fill a credit in order to use it again.

Back to the food journal, i just visited a Korean Fusion Restaurant called, MUSIRO. It’s new I guess, about a month.. And the owner is a real Korean woman. The place is quite small, with a minimalist interior, full of Korean band posters. They also play Korean songs inside. And the utensils are really like the real one in Korea.



Well, i was trying UDONG, korean noodle with a crab stick. A lil bit tasteless, because no chili there, so i must added lots of chili and blackpepper for some taste. We also ordered TOPPOKI and CHEESE TOPPOKI, i just felt it was like flour u know, with Korean sauce, taste lil bit spicy, but the toppoki itself is tasteless too. Not my favorite one. There’s MINI GIMBAB, a lil look like sushi, with egg wraps it. The last menu i tried was BULLDAK BBQ, korean fried rice wraped with egg, and also Korean sauce with slice of chickens. Taste good. I’m interested on trying bulgogi steak and la galbi on my next visit. Haha.. Well, u can see the price list at the pic above.

IMG00330-20101026-2005 IMG00331-20101026-2005 IMG00332-20101026-2006 IMG00333-20101026-2008 IMG00335-20101026-2012 IMG00336-20101026-2014

MUSIRO is at : Jalan Gejayan Yogyakarta (beside Swiss House Bakery), open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.


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