Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Almamater, Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta (UAJY)

Okay, so this post is gonna be my story and history while i was studying in university. My beloved university, Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta, known with UAJY, despite of all the plus and minus side, i had a really great time here. :’)

I cant forget the day we had our orientation day, it was really exhausting. The comittee gave us lot of assignments, making things, and we had to re-done it everytime it went wrong. So we spent our first and second night with no sleep at all, I even went sleepover on my friend’s place near the campus. We hadn’t have enough sleep at all. And yeah, I fell asleep at the 2nd day of orientation. There were so much contrary for this orientation, so they gave us an easier task for the next day. But too bad, i fell asleep at home and forgot to set my alarm. So yeah, I woke up late and didnt go to the last day of my orientation. Well, it’s the inaguration day, the most NOT exhausting day of orientation and I missed it. Too bad :(

-My orientation group ( I guess we missed some people here)-n1404667948_30342839_545623

Next, i became one of the comittee for a familiarity night for Industrial Engineering Faculty. It was like, we gathered and stayed one night in Kaliurang, so we could know each other. It was quite fun, since i had a lil spark with one of the comittee. Hahaha!! Anyway, i’m looking at those photos again and feel really sad. I was really in a good shape at that time, yeah, I mean SKINNIER than now!! And my hair, was really beautiful.. :’(IMG_0697

Well, the beginning of my semesters was quite disappointed. I didn’t reach a good grade, and it made my whole grade down at the end. Yeah, full of regret now, but at least i graduated quite fast also. That’s what i’m proud of. Beside, those grades, it wasn’t all my mistake or my laziness lah, sometimes the subjectivity of the lecturer affected the grade too, and i could do nothing about that. I also remember my stupidity by sleeping so deep and didn’t wake up at the day of my final test (it was logic and algorithm class, my favorite one). I was using diarhea as an excuse, but my lecturer didn’t allow me to retake the test. Hiksss.. Big lesson, never happened again after :p And, biggest mistake of my uni year, I gave my friend an answer on our mid-test, we got caught, and the lecturer expelled us from his class for the rest semester. Bammm!! I retook the class at the next semester, unfortunately with the same lecturer, so yeah u know what happened next, I got C on that class. I guess it was the maximum grade I could get. After that, I never took any classes with him, EVER. Thanked God, the class, lecturer, and schedule fitted very well. Hufhhh :( The next year and year, i did better and better. No C! Only A and B!! :D

I also lost one of my bestfriend in the middle of my university year, her bf took her from me. I couldn’t say a thing anymore, i’ve been tried all the way to resuscitate her, but the result was zero. As long she still hooked up with her bf, there’s no way i would be friend with her. Ironic, huh? I couldn’t believe how stupid she was, but that was her choice. But i was really sad, how could a new bf affected her that much? I was her bestfriend since high school anyway! BUt i still got many  friends anyway. I forgot how I made a ranger group with Lina, Evan, Ricky, Harris, and Alvin. It just happened. I remember that i first met Evan on our field trip. He was a friend of Ricky, and so did I. So we spent our time together along the field trip, with Lina also. And after that, we got along with Harris and Alvin too. We spent lot time together, just hanging out, doing some sports, trying a new place, lots of fun!  And we still hangout together and in touch till now :) And also there’s Meme, Ai, Novi, Kezia, Siany, Sugeng, Tommy, Budhi, and so many more.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         IMG_3291 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         P1010258 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Okay, beside all of those academic things, I also had a great time because of my basketball things. Being a manager, brought me a happiness, I had to travelling, FREE, and i could skip class with permission. Hehehe.. I met a lot of new people, I got a great lesson about life. I never met someone special in uni, but from basketball, I met my ex-bf. The special one. I got lot of things from this activity. 4 years, i was doing all of those things. And i really did love what i do. A victory smile when i could bring my team to a victory, and also tears when we failed :’) And i still love this team even though now i’m graduated already. My first experience on court was at the exhibitional match for the opening IBL championship game, it was between UAJY and UII, first victory! And after that, I was succeed bringing my team won Libama Daerah 2007, Suryapro Daerah 2007, Kejurnas Libama 2007, Kejurnas PT 2007, Suryapro Nasional 2007, also Suryapro 2008 and Suryapro Nas 2008. Bad dream at Libamanas 2008, we were at ninth place and back to province again. This came with lot of tears. Beside the fact that we had lot of fun during the championship. But this was the saddest memory i had. Back to province, we won the Libama daerah 2009 as always, but lost again on Kejurnas 2009!! My last championship!! Huaaaa… well, we reached the fifth place actually, but didn’t enough to go to Libamanas 2010. Damn!!:( But I would never ever forget my memories with my UAJY Basketball The Team. Not to forget, i also had a great time for my duty as a liaison officer at the international taekwondo tournament. I already posted about this before.DSC00019 P1040465 P1040810 CIMG0102 CIMG0109 CIMG0154 DSCF0324 IMG_3235 -See the changes of my bball uniform. The longer the greater :) -

I also had a great time on KKN stuffs, once again, because i had crush on someone. Haha!! But it was really tiring lah, since i had uncooperative friends :( I would be really mad if i didn’t get A!100_0659

Last but not least, my hang out group, my helper everytime i stucked with my thesis. Hahahaha.. All we do were having fun, hanging out, watching movies, eating = happiness!! =D61994_1510863725532_1052539577_31445000_8096000_n

Well, beside my stories, all u can see is my body transformation, right? How i transform to be this fat?! =’( Hahaha! I really dont understand how too! It just happened, I was bigger and bigger. I tried dieting, but never succeed. Poor me :’(

It was really amazing how i finished my study. And officially became Susan Saputra, S.T. Yeayyy!! ;D Long long journey, and hard works. Specially when i was doing the thesis. Well, never ever give up on everything. That’s me!!39957_420875589081_627424081_4486592_2146842_n 100_1284 100_1328

“I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor. I dare you to move like today never happened before.” – Switchfoot



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