Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still supa hot day =(

Omg,, i dunno wat's wrong wif the weather these days.. it's always hot n hot!! even at the nite like now!! geez,, pheww..

well, went to the church tis afternoon,, tried a different style, inspired by a blogger at chictopia.. hehe.. i'm so in love wif chictopia now... lots of stylish ppl frm around the world.. well,, look so fabulous..

after tat had a dinner wif besties.. soo big size of food.. hahaha.. double tenderloin steak n a chocolate milkshake.. errrr,, will b fat again.. =P

well, i intend to do ma assignment for tuesday actually,, i alre opened the file,, but havent touched it at all.. haha,, i didnt hav any motivations to do it now.. oh well,, mayb tomorrow, in a rush,, will make ma brain goes harder.. LOL


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