Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy hour after the test,,,

Omigod~~~ very2 bad test today~~ the result will b so bad.. hiks.. now i'm regret, why i didnt study seriously last nite?! haizz~~
well,well,, forget it.. let's pray for the best.. LOL

i saw the ManUtd game~~ n yippie!! they won!! outstandin goal from CR7,, stupid fletcher for wat he did~~ huhhh...

time to play now,,, after a very2 hard test today.. hihihi~~ juz watched wolverine.. Logan = COOL!! hehehe,,, i like it~~ n i was shocked when i saw daniel henney's name at the opening,, he's ma favorite guy!! sexy =D
The fact, he plays as Agent Zero.. too bad he need to die.. n hugh jackman is sooo,,, i dunno,, quite sexy too,,, bt still, i prefer jason statham!! LOL..
anyway, the diamond skin is so nice~~ hahaha,,, well, i will rewatch x-men movie,, coz before i never really watched it seriously... hehehe,, bt after tis wolverine film, i juz started to like it.. hehehe..

hizz,, next movie to watch is CRANK 2,, well i forgot,, did i ever see the 1st crank??


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