Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hot hot day!!

Pheww~~ today is supa supa HOT!! i cant stop sweatin~~ hmm, startin tis day wif assignment.. anw, i’m glad coz almost of ma final exams is juz submitin a paper.. so yeaa, will b a lil bit free.. yayy!!

monday, supply chain management paper : DONE!! =D

tuesday, computer integrated manufacturing paper, i havent do anythin abt it at all.. hahah.. n ABAU paper.. almost done..

next monday, scheduling paper n automation exam.. haizz..

next tuesday, MPTI paper.. ouch!!

hmm, hangin out wif cousin.. haizz, the risk of being single, again.. hahaha.. eatin @wendy’s n then goin to excelso.. oh oh, watchin epl, man utd vs arsenal.. 0-0, but tat was enough to make Man Utd won the EPL!! hurayyy!! =D

ma outfit today,, very2 cheap outfit.. the necklace is abt is only Rp 50000..haha.. n i bought it bcoz of ma fringe boots.. in fact, ma boots hasnt come to me till now.. n i dunno wat’s happenin wif the seller.. he juz suddenly disappeared, nvr go online on YM,, geezz!! where r u??




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