Thursday, May 28, 2009

Night At The Museum, always funny =D

Yayyy!! tis film was totally funny!! i couldnt stop laughing.. haha.. ben stiller n the monkey is sooo.. LOL.. n the khamenrakh or sumthing.. he’s so hyperbolic (a.k.a LEBAY) when he talks.. silly.. but personally, i like the 1st film.. it’s more touchy,, n the story is more original.. i dunno,, 


anywae, i aint forget to upload ma outfit tis nite,, ma lovely boots,, hihii.. n again,, ppl were lookin at me like i’m an alien.. coz using a boots in tis city?? come on, there’s nothin wrong wif it.. aih2.. they were lookin at me from top to toe,, geez!!


tis is the very 1st time we took photos in XXI,, so yeaa,, embarassing!!


hihiihii, cant wait to see the champion league final game tonite!! juz one more hour.. hope ma dream team win!! GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED~~~




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