Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fringe boots n servant (aka B.A.B.U) =(

YAYYYYY!!! after a very very long time,,, finally~~ ma fringe boots is arrived!! i meant was juz arrived, not long after i post tis.. haha.. i’m happy, i’m happy.. i’ll go now, of course wif ma new boots.. hihiih,,, GLAD! =D i’ll watch night at the museum 2, alrite2 tell me i’m soo last year.. haha… no no, last month maybe.. =P


I’m satisfied wif tis boots, for sure.. thx tommy!! juz one lil thing, the fringes arent too fringly.. haha.. wat did i say??@.@ i meant it’s better to make the fringes longer but thinner..

But one thing tat made me so mad today,, it’s ma servant, ma maid, which is totally like an asshole! she’s old, still single, very impolite to her masters, too noisy, she makes comments abt everything, she doesnt want to b blame in everything (in fact we know tat it’s her fault)!! n i’m totally tired of hearing all of tat things!! the point is when ma boots arrived, she wanted to see tat, n tried to open it, wif her FEET!! n i juz kicked her feet away from ma box. haha.. she’s totally an asshole,,damn!! could she use her hand? i’m so angry! sumtimes a maid here is idiot, but still polite wif her master.. but tis one, too smart maybe,, i cant hold it again!! errr… i wish i graduate fast, n juz get out of tis house,, leave her!! yucks! i cant understand why ma mom still keep her here.. ma mom sumtimes has a lot argues wif her to.. me, ma bro, n ma sist, we never wanna talk to her, if she doesnt ask for it 1st.. so yeaa,, well, i believe u never want to hav a maid like her..

Anyway,, i’ll post ma outfit, soon!! =D



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