Friday, May 29, 2009


Childhood is measured out by sounds snd smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.

John Betjeman

The movie is based on a novel wit the same title, by John Boyne. i’ve been so touchy by this film.. yeaa, abt a childhood.. u should spend ur childhood wit child thing.. do not think abt an adult problem,, juz spend it in happiness..

actually the movie story is abt a boy, 8 years old, named bruno. his father is a kommandant in NAZI. his family move to a pedestrian, near the work camp. the camp is built to a recreation place or sumthing.. n the jews must work there.. time after time, they will b burned at the tank.. so yea, finally they will die. bruno who’s really bored wif his life at hum, try to explore. he finds a way to go out of home, until he comes to the camp. he meets schmuel, a jew’s boy. they meet n share everything, play.. yaa, child juz wanna hav fun. but they’re separated by the electric wire gate. until sumday, bruno’s mom thinks tat the environment there isnt save for the children n intend to move out. bruno goes to the camp for the last time, tries to help schmuel who’s looking for his father. bruno wears the pyjamas, digs the soil, n goes in to the camp. both r looking for schmuel’s father room to room. at the last room, the guards tell them to go sumwhere. it’s the tank, to burn people. so the children dont know abt what will happen to them, they juz hold each other hand. at the end, bruno’s mom realizes tat bruno was disappeared,. they follow bruno’s path n get to the camp. bruno’s father tries to find him in a whole camp, but too late.

n i was crying loudly at the end, when they’re looking for bruno. . imagine tat a lil child like schmuel, must work wit less foods n everything tat a child needed.. children must spend their childhood in appropriate way. overall, tis film is really touchy, i like it :)


i juz watched CORALINE.. other nice animation film, wit a very deep message to deliver.. haha.. i like tis movie either! abt a girl, who sumtimes doesnt feel happy coz mom n dad cant fulfill her needs or anything.. n she moves to a doll world, where she can gets all the happiness there, good food, anything she wants. but she must pays a very expensive cost for tat, yeaa, being separated wit her real world forever..

so yaa, we must satisfied for wat we own, no matter it doesnt really perfect for us,, or sometimes maybe it less than we expect, but still we should b thanks for it. =D





rachmat said...

pictnya lucu mbak :)

rachmat said...

nyari coklat daku nyasar kemari, yowiss skalian blogwalking :)