Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boutique nite…

Woke up @ 12+ (geez, so lazy of me..), spent ma time in front of ma lappie.. n then watched the basketball game on tv,, huhuhu,, poor CLS, i thought u would give the best today.. but the truth was sucks.. very2 bad game..

n then went boutique to boutique tonite wif ma cousin.. hehehe.. finally bought the cheap mini dress tat really match wif ma fringe boots.. in fact i havent receive ma fringe boots.. i’m still waitin for it.. but it will come tis week.. yayy!!


hikss, finally i got cough =( juz went to swim in the mornin once n got cough? so pitiful~~ wish i get well soon!!


anyway, bought a sticker for ma keyboard,, so cute of them.. hehee..




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