Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It’s movie nite…

Free day of exam,, yayy!! i’m glad i was finished all of exams for tis week.. but still more to go next week.. hikss… jiayou!!

well, well,, accompanied ma cousin to got her photoshoot.. n it makes me wanna get mine too.. but the photoshoot is totally expensive.. it’s abt 500K rupiah.. well, i prefer to spend tat much money for clothin.. pheww..

n then saw angels n demons at nite!! totally nice movie!! i nvr expected tat it’s patrick who killed the holy father.. but tis is a must see film.. hehe,, next movie i gotta watch is night at the museum 2.. will b totally funny.. hehe.. cant wait..


ma outfit tonite,,, tried to combine an old n new fashion style.. the vest is sooo old.. totally old.. i think ma sister had it when she was 18 or younger,, i forgot.. but now she’s 26.. so yeaa.. i combined it to make tat ‘nude’ jumpsuit more colourful..


IMG_7988_resize IMG_7976_resize

so it’s quite nice rite?? =D



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