Thursday, May 7, 2009

I hate being single, sumtimes…

I dunno when it all started,,, only after i got break up wif ma last bf, then all ma opinions abt boy were changed.. what i’m lookin in a boy was literally changed.

it’s like,,, i’m too picky at tis moment.. n i hate the fact tat i’ve always lost sumone i liked. haha.. it sounds silly sumtimes, coz usually sumone i liked isn’t reachable.. pheww.. like the 1st one is a guy who already had a gf.. i like him, instead we dun even close each other n stay in different city. i know him for quite long time, but we dun talk each other.. n i already become his admirer since the beginning. finally we met on facebook, n chat..i was happy when suddenly he gave me his number (in fact i didnt ask for it), n then we often talked each other. until his bday came, he got surprised from his gf, so yaaa, end of story. they became more romantic from tat moment. at least i know tat i cant like him more, coz IF he left her gf to b wif me, there’s possibility tat he would do the same thing to me. bad boy huh? hmm, i dunno..

The 2nd one is sumone out there.. i like him,, never think to make him ma own. i juz like him,, i like talkin to him,, yeaa, hav a chat almost everyday.. so bad we juz can hav a chat without seeing each other,, my minus point tat caused very bad thing at the end.. finally he found a girl. not so long after he said tat he may go to meet me. ironic? yeaa.. but tat’s the risk, of being far. untouchable,, n doesnt really know the real life of each other.. but the most ironic thing is,, he ever said tat the gal (who’s dating him now) is look like me.. eh eh~ nothin else i can say~ Lady Gaga

From now on, juz let it flow~~ wish to see u soon, my Mr.Right =D


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