Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why, y,..


A question keeps bothering my mind.. WHY.. Why we never been together before? Why we've never had a real chemistry?

I like you, as my friend. Of course it is. I see you as a responsible man, yet really kind and easygoing. You're a great guy and I like to be together with you.

It's been 4 years since our first meeting. And we're still friends, but everytime I close to you, there's something wrong in my head and stomach. When we're apart, it's just disappeared. It's like if I wanna be with you, then I did chasing u long time ago. But sometimes I feel nothing, and another time I feel something. So inconsistent, huh?

What did you feel when your hand touching mine? It's not that u didn't mean to do it, cos I'm sure u were pretty conscious at that time. Hmmm.. I felt quite happy, like I didn't wanna let it go. Haha.. To be honest, everytime we touched, I got the static and the feeling.

Remember that time, I was having a bf when u had your gf too. Then we were broken hearted and we hooked up a lil'. And that's it. That hook-up never changed into a real relationship and I keep questioning why. Hahaha..

It's not that I wanna have a relationship with you right now, cos I know u had yours now. And I don't wanna take someone's bf. And I also not sure if things are gonna be better if we have a relationship. Since we never had our HTHT. LOL. We're just friends since a long time ago.

I feel that we never met our perfect timing. Well maybe someday we will. If we determined to be together. When we're growing up and becoming a successful people (Amen). And we'll see things differently. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe our time will come? ;)

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