Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food Journal : Yo Cafe

Back with food journal.. I tried new cafe in my town, named Yo Cafe. It is placed in the new Graha Natasha Skin Care, at Jalan Kaliurang Yogyakarta. Basically, they provide light meals, like snacks, beverages, pastries, and lot of desserts!! :D

I ordered lots of dessert yesterday, but my favorite is chocolate truffle!! It’s sooo chocolate :) the cake is more like mousse, because really2 soft. But i loveeee this one..IMG00403-20101120-1929

Eclair, with pisthacios at the top.


American Chocolate Cake, tastes almost like chocolate truffle.IMG00405-20101120-1930

Orange Charlotte, tastes fresh. The cake is a bit sour.IMG00406-20101120-1930

Mango Pudding, the pudding is more like mousse, with slices of mango at the top.   IMG00410-20101120-1935

Black Russian, this cake consist of vodka, so i dont really like eating this too much. But if u like something different, u should try this.IMG00411-20101120-1938

Spinach beef Quiche, tastes really good!! My favorite for the pastries!!IMG00413-20101120-1947

For the beverages, we ordered Orange Peach juice and Tropical Tea. The orange in orange peach juice isnt really tasty, only slice of orange at the top. And the tropical tea is more like passion fruit for me :D

IMG00409-20101120-1932IMG00412-20101120-1938  IMG00408-20101120-1932

Beside the order, they also offer beverage like coffee or latte, and also pasta for eat. Quite good for a new cafe.



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