Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US TV Series

Holla!! This is the first post after i made the new look of my blog.. Not really new though, i just made a new banner and footer. And also change some colors for the background and the font. And also added new musics for the player. Hohohoho.. It’s just more whity, and blue and pink.

Okay, topic now, US TV Series, which is my to-do list every week. I mean, i keep watching it weekly, by streaming. Though i really hate my internet connection. It’s f*ckin slow. One question, how can Americans make so many good shows everyday? Unlike Indonesian with their sinetrons, eww!!

Sinetrons, drama and drama, with very bad appearance of the casts, too much makeup, and the story usually too dramatic. When there’s  no drama, they give us a cheap action movie with very2 bad special effect and just very bad in everything. No wonder i’m barely watching my TV. I prefer to sit in front of my laptop everyday..

Sooo, what i’m following now, still Gossip Girl, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Life Unexpected, and The Mentalist. Gossip Girl, despite the intrigues every week, i really love this show! The casts, story, and everything is just perfect and every week it’s getting more and more entertaining. And the fashion for sure, also Blair and Chuck’s relationship. Glee, how can they make such a good visual and musical show?? I just love it, to the max! The Vampire Diaries, i  know this is a nonsense show. I admit that i was tempted by the casts. But it’s really great show though, it’s different from Twilight.. The girl is tough and the villain isnt really a demon, in fact he’s the hottest villain in history :D Life Unexpected, i loveee the show!! Too bad they will end it soon. I hope there’s gonna be next season. The Mentalist, it’s like a CSI movie, u know, detectives catch a bad guy, solve a case.

gossip-girl-season-3-cast-photo season-2-promo-photo_436x326 life-unexpected-promothe-mentalist-poster_558x745

The other series i used to watch was Flash Forward, this is a great great science fiction show. I cant wait for the next season. 90210, another teenage and adult drama, look alike Gossip Girl. Heroes, i watched it until season 3. I watched a lil bit season 4 but had not continued it. This show was really great on the 1st season, but getting worse after. Too bad :( I think i’ve watched so many series, but i cant remember all of it. Sometimes i didnt watch it continually, just like CSI, a lil bit Prison Break, Smallville, n Desperate Housewives.

I’m looking for watch Pretty Little Liars, based on a book. I think it’s pretty good show, and only had 10 episodes for the 1st season. They’re going to have another season on 2011. People recommended How I Met Your Mother to me, i havent had any chance to watch it. Also Entourage and the newest one is The Walking Dead. Have u ever imagined a zombie series?!? Hahaha, cant wait. I love zombie :D

Pardon me for this mumbling.



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