Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Job Is Not Your Career

I just opened my blogpost about 2010 New Year’s resolution.. And well, to get a job in this year was one of my resolution. But from my judgement day till this day, i havent got one yet. I’m pretty frustrated. Though my rector said that average of UAJY’s alumni need 3 months to get a job, according to the datas. And yeah, i just graduated at the end of October.

I read a book, titled Your Job Is Not Your Career. It’s an Indonesian book, written by a headhunter. What i got as the point was u have to know your passion first, then follow it as your career. Passion is what u enjoy the most, like u do it everyday but u wont get bored of it. And your job isnt your career.

I question my self, i really dont know what’s my purpose in life. What i know, i wanna have great career, and develop myself to the max. From that career, i’ll get money and power. And i must fit into my job, which means that i have to like it first.  If you ask me about my passion, well, i have to say i’m confused. I like trying new things, but i usually didnt focus on that new thing. From this, i know that i’m a generalize typical person. I like being a general that thinks the strategy, than a specialist that does the stragtegy. I like inventing an idea. I like creative things, art, music, fashion. I also love singing, and writing. I’m quite creative, right?? Last time i realized one thing, that i always interested on sports, basketball, taekwondo, athletic, eventhough i dont really understand about the rules or anything, but i enjoy watching it. Sooo, what the hell is my passion?

I got a feedback from my last interview, she said that i’m a high drive person, which is really good. She told me that i could be good at anything i do. But i have to focus first, and determine my purpose. I failed 4 times on my interview. I always passed the psychotest, and failed on the interview. One at the user, and 3 others with the psycholog. I dont know why. What was my foul? Maybe, i just carried away by the way they interviewed me. Maybee, they saw me as a young girl that hasn’t ready yet to work. From the way i spoke to them. And sometimes i wasnt sure on my answer. Specially when they asked me about the marketing things. They could read it, from my face and expression, that i wasnt sure. I guess i need more practice. To be like a professional.




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