Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thesis (Part 9)

***update***23/06/10 - 15.50

I just opened my email n found the datas in my inbox! i’m so glad! thanks Jesus.. I wonder how U work in my life.. I’m totally excited! My thesis should be done by this night.. Yayy!


See my last post about thesis? It was 5th June..n this is almost the end of June..God! i’m totally frustrated at this time.. I already finished chapter 1-6 in one week, but i couldnt submit it to my lecturer, because i have to compare my result with the real condition.

I already sent an email two weeks ago, but i got no reply. I was really really confused, i didnt know what to do. It’s just really wasting my time. I’m depressed, and last nite was the boiling point. haha.. My friend told me that there’s no such thing with putting the wrong datas to my thesis, and what i can do is wait longer. I keep pray n pray.. God, please lead my way. I almost reach the finish..

This afternoon i called the factory.. Thank God,they are doing my request. But i still have to wait, until the end of this week, on Saturday. I really hope the datas come in the right time.

Make it easier, God.


xoxo, S

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