Friday, June 25, 2010


I was looking for some posts about floral skirt,. for my inspiration on mixandmatching my new skirt :) n then i found a web, about things we love. and i got some pretty and interesting pictures. Well, i got this from Sara’s page from


*anyway, this is my new skirt from cotton on :)


-very pretty the rainbow so much-

20090219173758 -blue n white. perfect for me-

tumblr_l4gba4ZQAw1qb81x2o1_500_large -totally unique cake. i’d love to have one in shoes form-

tumblr_l4hoe5Yrw21qzll95o1_500_large  - this shocking pink and leopard nail color is really nice! -

notebookdoodles_large  - great thought -

tumblr_l3t8aoFmIj1qag73jo1_500_large-somehow i really love a colorful thingy-


-just interesting-

161_large -great manipulation-

tumblr_l1ovigH9Zr1qawg0yo1_400_large - i dont have any pets, but i love dog. and this one is super cute :) -


blah. i really wanna have my own photographer..huahahaa.. guess it’s interesting to have some emo shoots, or fashion spread shoot with the beautiful scenery..haha :D

i always love art, pretty design, interior. yeah, i guess i have so many interests. anyway, i’ll post some photo shoots i love later..


xoxo, S

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