Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty Shoot

Me n the girls have a plan to make a beauty photoshoot in a new studio in Jogja.. From some pics i saw recently, they took great beauty shoots.. I think the makeup artist is good, they make the people look so different. But i want to make my own concept, so i search for some pics and i got a lot. But i still confuse on deciding which one should i take. Well, let’s see and drop your comment. thanks :)


i love the half concept in this photo. but i dont want my hair like that. it will make my face look chubby. 


this paint picture is awesome. i love this but i’m not sure they can make it.


i love the pale look.


play with color, it’s my favorite too.

America's Next Top Model 3407775013_b81f408fbeimg-thing teyona 

what’s your color?photoshoot from ANTM. love this.

coconumero1_large coconumero2_large coconumero4_large coconumero5_large coconumero6_large coconumero7_large coconumero9_large coconumero10_large coconumero11_large coconumero12_large

really love this photoshoot.

xoxo, S

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