Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IMB (Indonesia Mencari Bakat)

IMB or Indonesia Mencari Bakat, this is the Indonesian version of Indonesia’s Got Talent.. They have the same rule since the beginning with AGT. They selected contestants from every city, make it to 4 groups, and then winners from every group went to the semifinal round.

This TV show shows weekly every Saturday night, and Sunday night for the result show, in Trans TV. Well, it’s really happening in Indonesia, famous, wellknown, or whatever u called. If the show air, u’ll see that the twitter trending topic full of IMB’s stuff. Like Nonton IMB, Belda, Putri Ayu, Brandon, even a guest judge like Christian Bautista became a trending topic because his appearance on IMB. What a shocking fact right? The fact that most of twitter users are Indonesian. This is true. See another fact like Ariel Peterporn (u maybe already knew this phenomenon), or wasit goblog (the newest TT from England-Germany worldcup game yesterday, it’s stupid referee in english).

So there are 14 contestants with so many talents in the semifinal round. Well i want to preview their talent for u all.

Hudson, the two face talent. He makes his self into 2 characters, man and woman called Hudson and Jessica, sings with two different voices, and dress up differently for both sides. And it’s really interesting how he changes his voice. He’s my favorite contestant. Look how total he is in his outfit, awesome every week. But he still needs to practice his vocal.24842_1113169605566_1716692087_210604_6176101_n 111067234 111627572

Brandon, cute lil boy from Surabaya. He’s 8 years old and very2 handsome..hahaha.. I feel like his aunty,damn.. Hope my son will get his face.hahaha..He’s totally going to be very hawt when he grow up..haha!! :) anyway, his talent is dancing, hiphop dance specially.. Everybody is fallin in love with him!114392531

JP Millenix, young talented girl and her talent with the drum..yeah,it’s average,everyone can do it,hmm maybe her personality that makes her look great.112986201

Rumingkang, a dance group from Bandung. They present Indonesia’s traditional dance and their costumes are always great. Well for me Rumingkang isnt a pure talent, cause their coreography is trainable.x2_1b7e5a7

Belda, a fire dancer. Nothing interesting from this contestant. More and more weeks and his performance is getting boring.belda

Klantink, music group,play instrument and sing too.. Sometimes they use things surround as their music instrument. Pretty cool.31315_1245319427913_1677237378_487772_7966781_n

Funky Papua, dance group. Presented some Papua dances combine with modern dance. They always funny and of course have lot of fans.112470039

Putri Ayu, Indonesian version of Sarah Brightman or whoever. Yeah, she has a wonderful voice as a seriosa singer. But i’m kinda bored when watchin her from week to week.107222252

Fay Nabila, another young girl with super dance ability. She knows how to rock the stage with her cuteness and face. 107035207

Bonita, great singer with great and powerful voice. I admit that she has great voice, really. But her personality is low, i dont know. I meant only by looking her performance i can say that. Her face on the stage isnt likeable, u know what i mean.x2_1c16389

Janice & Ryan, sibling with their piano talent. They are awesome. Their fingers movement on the piano are brilliant. And they also already had so many compliments and awards. Too bad they were already out of the show. They get the talent.108190390

Berto Pah, i think this young guy is awesome. He presents his talent of playing sasando, traditional instrument from NTT. It’s kinda like harp and lute, with more interesting  shape and curve. Too bad he was out. I love his performance.107108235

Lius, a man with his seriosa voice. Not really good, and he already out.IMG00038-20100616-1856

Saratus Persen, another music group like Klantink. Play some instruments and sometimes use things around. But i dont really like their personality. Serampangan (dont know the english,hehe). And they were out!108341362

So yeah, that’s it. All semifinalists of IMB Trans. Well, let’s see who will be the winner. I support Hudson and Brandon. Haha! Well, somehow the judges couldnt reach the same decision and it’s quite disappointing. And it’s their duty to decide who will out from the contest. I hope they pick carefully and right.


xoxo, S


cupZ said...

i like hudson & Jessica too,,
his (and/or her?) perform is always creative,, its awesome!

san said...

yepp..agree!!konsepnya mateng banget..kostumnya maksimal banget..
yg suka kurang sih cuma suaranya aja,ga fokus, ga konsentrasi, suka salah nembak nada + lupa lirik..

sisca_beldazzling said...

i like belda zando...:P
he is very interest. i think brandon and hudson so boring. i hate fay

san said...

@sisca : belda awalnya emank lama2 ngebosenin dan keabisan ada yg spesial dr dia kalo menurutku..hehehe..but that's your opinion..hudson is still the best for me :)