Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So yaa, finally i finished watchin glee today.. And it made me cry and cry, the last episode.. So touchy.. My fave episode goes to Vitamin D, Theatricality and Journey.. Why? Because i LOVE the all the songs they sing there.. Vitamin D with their It’s My Life + Confession medley and Halo + Walking in Sunshine medley.. Theatricality with the whole Gaga stuffs, which is really awesome.. And the acoustic version of Pokerface is really amazing.. I adore so much :) And Journey, because it’s the last episode and makes me cry a lot.. haha :p


This is from the regional championship..too bad they only finish on third place.. But i admit that Vocal Adrenaline is better in this championship..

 Look how crazy they are.. Costuming Gaga’s look in the school.. Haha ;)

I really love Glee, the story is simple, not too much intrique, the music is incredibly awesome, i dont know.. I just really enjoy watchin this.. Cant wait for the 2nd season.. I’m curious about what will happen to Finn and Rachel.. Or will Quinn change her attitude again? and also the music.. whooww..superb!

The fact is i dont have someone i adore in this series.. The girls are average.. The guys too.. Finn is kinda good looking, but i dont like him. Not like i love Chuck or Nate on Gossipgirl.. haha.. Not to forget, really like the intrict between Sue n Mr. Shue.. specially in the last episode.. it’s hilarious.. But still, u guys really have to watch Glee :D



xoxo, S

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