Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Journey of Thesis (Part 8)

It’s almost the end.. Hahaha… I feel so graceful.. I finally only need to write the paper.. The simulation is already done!! Feel superb!! I’ve been spending every night in a week full to do that, i slept at 3 am every night.. And now my eyes are really2 puffy..hufhh.. I’m chasing 15th June to register my final exam. But i think i wont make it, also my lecturer said no need to hurry. But yeah, i still work hard.. Just gimme support to finish this as soon as possible. YAYY!! :D

And i wanna say congratulation for the early graduation for my besties : Ricky, Alvin, Lina, Meme, and Harris. Welcome to the next level guys :)


xoxo, S

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