Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex and The City 2


I’ve been watching so many movies lately.. Robinhood, Prince of Persia, The Crazies, Kick Ass, etc.. But Sex and The City 2 is the best so far..

I dont know, maybe because this is a chick flick.. Ceritanya ringan, lots of fashion stuffs, and shows the beautiful Abu Dhabi, new middle east.. And lot of messages for women of course.. I just love the movie, so much :)

Masih cerita soal kehidupan after marriage Carrie sama Big. Yang ngerasa kehidupan marriagenya agak membosankan dan kurang ‘sparkle’. Samantha yg tetep pengen keep young dan bermasalah sm menopausenya.. Dan masih seputar kehidupan sexnya.. Charlotte yg stress out of being mom.. Sometimes she needs time to be alone. And the fear that her husband cheats with the nanny. Hahaha.. Because the nanny wears no bra alias braless.. LOL.. The scene is so funny :D Well the fact is, the nanny is a lesbian.. Ironic!! xD Dan Miranda dgn pekerjaannya. She loves her lawyer job, but the boss doesnt respect her. Awalnya Miranda ga mau pindah, but finally she realizes that she cant develop her career there. So yeah.. She quits. I love Carrie’s fashion, and shoes of course.. But i prefer Miranda’s style.. Somehow she looks really cool and great.

Talking about Abu Dhabi,,, It’s such a beautiful city.. and strict. Haha.. Di film dicritain kamu ga boleh pelukan di depan umum. Dan yg paling gokil adalah gimana cara cewek yang ditutupin mukanya pake cadar itu makan! hahaha.. I just laugh and laugh.. But the fun thing is how they dress up behind their black long cloth. Louis Vuitton dress?!?! Is that really happening in real life? Haha..

Awalnya gara2 baca tulisan temen gue, Fani. Tentang pandangannya mengenai sex, yg notabene masih dianggap taboo oleh sebagian besar orang. Dan beberapa pengakuannya di blog itu. Well, as a woman, all i can say that people dont know what u really feel. They dont feel how to be in your position. Dan menurutku pribadi, emank selama ini kayaknya hidupmu asik banget…travelling2 terus.. Hihihi.. But yeah, who knows what happen behind.

And about the sex. Yeah,i admit that i cant talk about it to any people easily. Padahal lots of information that we can share each other. I can say that i’m an amateur, in sex education. And who said that u cant be pregnant even if the guy uses condom? hahaa.. It’s just about the time i think.

I dont say no to free sex. Uhm, not a free sex maybe, i meant sex before marriage. But i think i should do it with someone i really love, not a stranger. The point is not to do it randomly. And i keep remembering what my sist told me, that u must take the risk whatever it costs. Be responsible of what u have done. Jangan sampe ngerepotin dan nyusahin orang laen ketika terjadi suatu masalah. And yeah, because of that magic words, i keep controlling myself. Thanks sist :)

And by the way, talking about sex. DONT ever think to tape it. Really.. Beside, what’s the benefit?! It supposed to be personal.. Poor Luna.. Haha, yang kasian adalah common people lebih banyak menghina dan ngejudge Luna, bukan Ariel. It’s always the woman. WHY??!! I meant they exactly did the same thing, right?? Tapi kenapa cowok slalu dipandang lebih lumrah ngelakuin sex. What a culture.. Indonesian’s culture..


xoxo, S

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Elisabeth Oktofani said...

My life appears such a big party, isn't it? =D But actually, life is full of surprisses. Sometimes you just don't know what kind of scene you will belong to. =).