Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Long Holiday

During May, I was super free, I had nothing to do, like at all. Just helping my mom at the shop at noon, and that’s all. I was totally bored to death anyway.

But I had many friends which birthday is in May, so yeah, a lil and big surprise again!! :D Started in 12th May, Akun’s bday. We did plan the schedule after we knew that we would go to the beach on 11th, so the rest of the day was spent to kill the time. Beach, dinner, monopoly-ing. We had a pretty special cake for him, and actually a special treatment. Buttttt, we missed the treatment because the ladyboy we hired didnt come to the place. It sucks. Imagine if he got the hug and kiss from the ladyboy!! Creepy! haha! xD

230859_1894239069676_1052539577_32064486_6488844_n_¸±±¾ 231067_1894248909922_1052539577_32064526_5507347_n_¸±±¾231164_1894244109802_1052539577_32064506_2846764_n -Indrayanti Beach at Wonosari-

 222751_1894218829170_1052539577_32064407_3270337_n226760_1894219389184_1052539577_32064411_2285506_n 227894_1894217229130_1052539577_32064394_923231_n -The cake and birthday boy-

Had a birthday dinner with friends at Takigawa, new Japanese restaurant in town. Expensive costs with ordinary taste. I definitely prefer Sushi Tei :p Oh wait, but the interior is quite pretty. We sat in the tatami room, and my friends went camwhoring with the lamp. I did that too ;)

248249_1916252179990_1052539577_32090038_2946027_n 250058_1916265460322_1052539577_32090076_891321_n 229044_1916245299818_1052539577_32090015_671035_n

Another surprise for friend’s bday on 26th May. Just like old time, car parade for the birthday boy :D We set the car at the uni’s parking lot, and then took him to the street. People were staring, laughing, taking picture. So funny!251461_1925395648571_1052539577_32100444_4505087_n 247147_1925388608395_1052539577_32100428_1870147_n

Nextttt, went to Semarang to another culinary party with the beloved friends. Fat! Fat! Fat! Had our breakfast at warung gudeg in Muntilan, not big fan of gudeg, soooo… no comment! ;p First destination in Semarang was the new mall, Paragon. It’s actually really small! The best part is Charles & Keith store which we dont have in Jogja, the rest is just the same. We went to Alcatraz Grill for lunch, camwhoring inside!! The concept of the restaurant is prison, but they only have one room that suit it and lucky we got that room. It was very empty at that time. Next we went to Citraland mall and some markets. We went to S2 for dinner. They say this is the most happening place in Semarang, where jetset-ers come to dinner. The concept itself is great, Japanese, Chinese, and Western foods in one building but with different room. You can also choose to sit in the middle in open air space. Pretty! Last, we went to try Lind’s cafe for dessert. It reminded me with restaurant in Dago, Bandung, the concept is the same, they offer the city view. Pics below!! :D

 251585_1936545247304_1052539577_32117850_7798539_n 249213_1936555727566_1052539577_32117877_3480459_n 254411_1936538447134_1052539577_32117807_98955_n 254489_1936540367182_1052539577_32117823_5426681_n 247586_1936531446959_1052539577_32117763_3833458_n 251287_1938219849168_1052539577_32120339_6135535_n

Last but not least!! Pehcun day again!! Still in Parangtritis beach, but no eggs this time! We went at the night, time to fly the lantern, just like in Tangled movie!! :D We wrote our wishes and flew it into the sky. Pretty!!246889_1942228469381_1052539577_32127086_3734390_n 248754_1942228629385_1052539577_32127087_6918543_n 255705_1942225189299_1052539577_32127072_419792_n247839_1942225629310_1052539577_32127074_8254068_n

Hihihi, holiday is over!! Time to get money and focus at career!! Hwaiting!! 파이팅!




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