Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boys and Girls

This is definitely a relationship week. Haha.. I got surprises! I just got a wedding invitation from my junior school’s mate and she’ll have her wedding next week. She’s pretty young, but she has an adult bf so i think there’s no problem. The future husband can guide her. Well, i cant imagine it yet. I dont even have a bf :( Uhm, like for couple of years *double :(* lol

And i found out that my friend has a new bf from West or usually we call them “bule”, and it makes me a lil envious. I mean, who doesnt want to have a bule bf?! Hahaha.. Totally making a better generation for us Asian :D Last thing, my best friend told me she’s in relationship. Finally! I know she has some admirers at her office and now she finally make it. Hahaha.. I’m sad for myself!! But I’m very happy for them! :) I hope they all have a bright future together.

As for me, okay let’s just wait patiently and embrace the career first. With bright career i’ll have extra confidence to show up. LOL. I think i’m not that typically pretty girl that will catch every boy’s attention in a crowded room. But when you seek for something different, u can try me. Ha! Okay, let me stop this babbling. It’s like i’m offering something here! ==’

I feel like very jealous with Korean drama series, with their love story!! Yeah, they definitely know how to make us imagine it (just like what i did everytime watchin it). lol. But really, some rich guys, or very cold but actually warm inside, or a guy who’s willing to give his everything to the girl, so so imaginative. It’s one in a million that those kind of stories would happen in reality.

Anyway, i just read this and paste it here.

Boy : I broke up with her.

His Best Friend  : What happened?

Boy : She’s just too much for me.

His Best Friend : What makes you say that? What did she do wrong?

Boy : Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure..

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you to see that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see..

Boy : Oh.. Well.. She’d often call me or text me asking where I am, who I’m with, telling me not to smoke, not to drink. She’s so clingy!

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she cares about your well being? Because she cares about you a lot? And her greatest fear is losing you. I see..

Boy : But.. Uhh.. Well, she’d always cry when I say something slightly mean. She can’t handle anything. She’s a crybaby!

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she has feelings? And because she just wanted to hear you say you love her? I see..

Boy : I.. Well! You know, she’d get jealous easily. I could barely talk to other girls! She’s so annoying! I had to hide it from her so she wouldn’t bitch about it.

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she just wanted you to commit to her? She thought you were faithful, but you lied so she could find out later and hurt even more? She just wanted the guy she loves the most to love only her. I see..

Boy : Well, she..

His Best Friend : You broke up with her because she’s good for you? She just wanted the best for you? She’s broken now because you were selfish. Are you proud?

Boy : I broke her heart.. Because I couldn’t see what was happening.. What happened to me?

His Best Friend : You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could. You see? You didn’t want her when all she ever wanted was you. THAT’S what happened.

All I can say about that note above is annoying!! Seriously, I completely don’t want to have a bf like that!! Try to flip the condition. It’s very uncomfortable to have someone asking for you EVERYTIME. And jealousy?? C’mon, get a life! For me, it’s just a childish love from the girl above. First, if you think you have a stable relationship, you will trust your spouse and not showing your bitchyness only because you’re too afraid to lose him/her. And also, physical appearance is important too, but your spouse must have accepted you no matter how ugly you are without cosmetics or pretty clothes when they commited to you fully. Though I cant stand for any lie in relationship either. And that smoking thing too! I hate smokers! So yeah, think twice when you have a spouse like the girl above. You must re-evaluate it.

I remember I was asked by my interviewer about my previous relationship, why i broke up the last time, and what kind of guy that i want. That was like the strangest question ever on my interview experience. I was silence and smile and finally answered. I feel like, “Why are you asking this?! Are you interested in me?!” Haha. I definitely need a mature man, who’s stable mentally and financially. So there wont be annoying things like above. But sometimes i’m afraid that it’ll be me who make the trouble. lol. I really like to be as cool as Sloan on Entourage. Oh wait, and I need someone who cares too! And show his love to the fullest. Just like those Korean drama guys :))

Yeah but the fact i never put any interest to any guys recently! Or let’s say for a quite long time. That’s weird. I feel like i know everyone in my social environment. I need to step up to the other world. Really. I havent found anyone that can amaze me. So yeah, all you guys out there, if you feel like the one I described, just come and catch me really soon! :p

*Now i feel like my friend whispering to me, you search for Jesus first, and everything will be added to you.* :)




Anonymous said...

==' why u wrote that story here..=='

J.L. Liemex said...

come and catch me? ud kayak burung aja -.-