Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alien Invasion

It's a lil bit scary when you get home and find out that your stuff isn't exactly at the first place you put it. And that's what happened to me yesterday! I was got into my room, and thought it was lil weird to see my paper under the tv cabinet scattered at the floor. And some stuff also lying on the floor. I'm pretty sure I was leaving it tidy. Then we took a look at the bathroom, and yeah, the water drainage at the floor was opened. At first, I thought it was someone, trying to clean out our bathroom. But we didn't have that kind of agreement before, so it's nonsense.
Then, after dinner, I wanted to drink Yakult. I got 3 more and I put them above my drawer. I was shocked to see that all of the Yakult seals were opened, there were holes! It became more and more suspicious! First analysis, if it was human, and the Yakult was accidentally fell, then there should be Yakult spill on the floor. But it was clean! So yeah, it must be an animal, and I think it was RAT!! Yucksss!! I couldn't believe it, how come a rat came from my water drainage, walked around my room, and even bit my Yakult seals! Rawrrrr!!
And the most is if it still here, inside the room. Well, I don't know what the real creature was.. Let's hope that he's back to the drainage already.. *fingers crossed*

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Sisca said...

coba kamar mandimu itu ditutup pintunya

san said...

udah tauk.. tp kan pintu kamar mandi emang ga bisa ditutup rapet,. hari kedua pintu udah ditutup gt, makanan sudah diamankan.. eh tyt nongol lg donk dr gorong2, di wc bisa ada kertas gitu.. kertas hvs disobek2.. aneh banget ga sih?! trs akhirnya hari ini gw tutup tu lubang pake ember..