Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lotte Duty Free 2011 MV

I’m wondering why Korea can be so cool.. Even a department store like Lotte Duty Free can have such an awesome advertising video, with billion hot guys featured in it. And by hot, i mean including my lovely Hyun Bin oppa (feel echanted everytime i see him), Jang Geun Seuk (still cute), Song Seung Heon (okay, i’m not a big fan of him actually, but i felt tempted too specially after watching him shirtless in My Princess drama lol), Kim Hyun Joong (one of the eyecandy man in BBF and became so popular after that, but I prefer Lee Min Ho! :)), JYJ, Big Bang, 2 PM, and the only lady Choi Ji Woo (would be better without her :p). Anyway, those groups are definitely super famous though i’m not a big fan either. Aaaaa, this is too awesome!! I feel like really wanna go there!! With the theme song, “So I’m Loving You”, this video is like a super combo eye amusement. Haha.. I watched it about 5 times and still counting. Haha.. Enjoy!! :D



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