Wednesday, August 24, 2011

23rd Birthday

My 23rd birthday was quite different. I think this is the first time I was away from home on my bday. But i'm also relieved cos that means my friends in Jogja couldn't make fun of me! haha.. Because i was one of the creator for some crazy ideas for my friend's bday. And they demanded a payback!! So yeah, sorry guys, i passed your treatment this year :p Also mom always gives me small bday cake.. Kinda miss her :')

It was 12 o'clock and i was praying to God. It's been a great year for me and I couldn't thank Him more :) I feel really blessed. And then after that, Nonix as my roommate gave me a lil cake! Thanks, honey! I did know about it earlier, her movement was so suspicious. haha.. So the rest of the night was camwhoring to get the best picture. Because i looked really plain and ugly. lol.

The big-day was quite fun. It was working day and we had our first class at hotel, Ciputra. And our mentor's so young so she knew how to treat a bday girl. She told the class to sing the birthday song and make a wish for me, everyone, a different wish for me :) like a real wish, but there were also some absurd wishes, haha.. Well, i took the positive one.. Thank you BDP 14 :) And we ate like crazy at lunch, the menus were soooooo tempting! We got too many appetizers, too many desserts. I was madly full with cake! haha..
Luckily, i have many friends which have the same month of birthday. And today was the celebration! :) Got cake and present from the class. It's great to have them while i'm alone here. Last but not least, happy birthday to me! Also to my classmates : Choky, Rizga, Ricky and Gio. Wish all the best for all of us, graduate together and success! Amen.

xoxo ;)

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