Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Hearts (Part 4)

My phone alarm is ringing loudly. The tears are still in my eyes.

Oh thank God, it was just a dream.. I thought i really fall into forbidden love like that. I’d rather be alone than do a stupid thing like that. But i aint finish anything. Yeah, it’s tonight. The time is here. No more bad scenario. I wish.

I guess my feeling for him is just temporary. Or only a lust maybe. Yepp, when i didnt meet him for a week, it’s just blew away. I feel nothing to him. Isnt it a great sign to over this?

“What do u wanna say?” he asked me.

“Uhm, i guess i dont want to do this anymore. I dont want to be the interuptor of your relationship. And since your gf doesnt know anything about us, please just let it disappears. We have to end this.”

“Is that what u want? I thought u love me.”

“I did. And yes, i’m sure about this. I like u, n i wish i can be with u like usual, but as a close friend, not a lover.”

He’s cold. He doesnt say any words.

“Please? i’m begging u. U have to let me go. U have your own love. It’s not for me. I cant expect anything from u. Dont u feel sorry for me?”

“Fine. If that’s what u want. I’m okay. I hope u get the best.”

“Thanks. I will. I will get the one who loves me and will never share his love to the other. Haha..”

“Hey! U’re just offend me!” he yelled at me. We both start laughing.

I’m glad. I finally could say it.

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Dedicated to all girls, who feel stupid of being someone else’s girl. lol. Dont let your temporary feeling make u fall.

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