Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Hearts (Part 1)

I cant believe that it will hurt me. Till i cry like this. It started with some coincidences, or not maybe? That he already chose me from the first time he saw me. That’s what he said. And finally i came to him. But I already promise to myself that i’ll never asking or complaining about his girl. Yeah, i will think that he’s single. Done. But since we started a conversation about that thing yesterday, now i cant stop thinking about it.

And i did hurt. Thinking what will he do with the girl for the following days. I’m jealous. Danggg! He must be forget about me. I know I’m not supposed to feel too deep with a guy like him. But it happened already. Now what? Can i rewind the time? Back to last night? I should clear everything last nite. It should be a goodbye..

I was just thinking that he’s probably forgetting me, but then his name appeared on my phone. I was like, surprise!! Oyeah, he’s in front of my home now, across the street, with his girl inside the car. What a lovely condition eh?! Are u INSANE??!! And i feel a ‘gadogado’ feeling rite now.. I feel happy cause the fact that he remembers me, but i feel sorry to his girl, and i feel hurt also. Haha.. This is so funny.. How could i do this?!

God, if only i could rewind the time.. Back to last night. I definitely would tell him to be good, stick with his girl. Dont look to any other girls again. Since he had the thought to marry with this girl. And he told me that someday i will find a good guy for me. Which is definitely NOT HIM. What do i expect anymore?? See, it’s full of questioning..

Do u think i’m stupid? Cos i know i am. It’s me who will get hurt at the end, becos i know everything. The girl wont hurt if she knows nothing. So the point is i’m stupid, i hurt the girl undirectly, but i also get hurt. Hahaha… But why i still do this?

It’s wrong from the first time. I know that i will loose at the end. It’s even better not to start it. How to end it??

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