Thursday, May 6, 2010

LOVE letter

I’m in love.. Am I? hahaha.. I aint sure.. But i hope it’s wrong. I guess it’s not love. Not a real love i want. And I also dont wanna have this feeling for that guy. I want the right one. Well, let’s forget it.

I wanna share a very touchy Indonesian blog. I just read it because it came on my twitter timeline. And then i kept searching about everything related to it. So here it is, Dinda Nawangwulan’s blog. She writes love letter to her husband everyday. Her husband, Alexander Abimanyu, one of the founder of IndonesiaUnite, was already passed away on March 2010. I dont even know them, but i can feel their deep relationship. I’m looking for some articles. I found that they have different religion, but they go for it. Even her husband still marry her though she has two cancers. Amazing, isnt it? :) I cried a little. I found that the husband was completely take her unconditionally. And he taught a lot about life, he made the wife got closer to Allah, eventhough they are different. Awesome lesson comes from this simple blog. About LOVE.

Talking about differences, i give my best prayer to my sist and her bf. I hope they can go for it and through it also. Dont forget to take me to HK or wherever the place when u’re ready to get married..haha ;)

Remember my previous post on Miss Mellow, lots of my girls ended up her relationship. Okay, but one was got back. Yeah,  they’re on again. I’m speechless. What spell does the guy use? I cant see the right things on their relationship. And the very important thing is he gives a bad influence to her. Now what?

*sigh* anyway, these pimples are bothering me!! :(




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