Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Hearts (Part 3)

“Where are u? Why i cant call u? I’m panic.. Tell me where u are now..” He texted me. So this is the 2nd time i make him panic. haha.. The first one wasnt on purpose though.  But this time, i really mean it. I just wanna know his reaction. How stupid i am. What did  i do?! I just made a decision yesterday.. Now i made this scenario, really bad scenario.. Now that he’s searching on me hardly, i know i just gonna feel harder to let him go. Really..

He found me. He knows where i am. “Please dont do this to me.. I’m freaking out u know?!” He hugs me tight.

“I’m sorry.. I just wanna be alone”.

“If this is the way u wanna be alone, i wont leave u alone. I will accompany u. I cant hear anything from u. I was scared u know.. I dont want something bad happen to u, babe..”

Oh, stop it please!! Now what can i do? I’m melting. Every girls will melt when a guy they love treats her like this. “Why are u keep looking for me? I thought we are over now. U already chose your plan A.”

“Please, it’s not about plan A or B, okay?! It’s about how i feel about u. I also never thought before that i will go as far as this. I love you. That’s it. Please, come back to me.”

I cant say any words. He hugs me and kisses me like there’s nobody here.. And my tears are going down. I guess i just fall in love. A forbidden love.

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