Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two Hearts (Part 2)

So after the girl left town, we meet up. I feel unright. Feel no comfort anymore. And i just realized that everytime i’m with him, we should keep hiding that there’s something between us. Cant hold his hand, cant hug each other. So what’s the good thing? You know, it’s your touch and hug that makes me feel like heaven. Haha..

I should listened to the people. It’s my own choice. I chose to start it, now it’s me who can end this.

Yeah, we meet up. I tell him, i cant stay with this situation. I cant hold the hurt longer. It’s my foul till i come to your love life. I’m not supposed to be there. There’s should be only u and your girl. That’s it. I know that i wasnt serious at the first time. This was just for fun.. We’re going with the flow. But my feeling was going deeper and deeper. And i cant handle it. And it’s wrong. If we through this any longer, i’m afraid i cant let u go.

If u dont wanna see me hurted, just let me go. U know i cant expect anything from u. Why should i stick with someone who cant give me what i need? I’m like a broken strings. And that song is definitely fits me.

Yepp, i think this is the best. For me. Cause what’s best for u is your plan A. 

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