Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Villa Crab, Sundak Beach, Wonosari, Yogyakarta

Holaaa.. i was searching for a villa near Sundak Beach or another beach in Wonosari.. We found some villas, small and big.. cheap n expensive.. And finally we found this villa..

Villa Crab.. I admit that this is so so beautiful, cool, perfect for holiday!! They have 3 cottages and 1 coffee shop in a hill. And the beach is just in your down side. We can go to the beach directly.. It’s really awesome! But the price, is just a piece of crap also.. Haha.. Rent price is 15 million rupiahs for 24 hours. With max number of person is 10 ppl. Well, there’s already electricity, n they serve the foods also.. Lobster, Sea fishes, chicken.. But really, the view is extremely beautiful.


106110408 106110914  106118873   106112403





Diklusari Norsita said...

Ada nomor telpn villa crab? Makasih ^_^

Susan Yoe said...

@Diklusari Norsita : mohon maaf gak punya nomor teleponnya. Bisa digoogling mungkin??