Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost forgot tat i have a blog! LOL

Geez,, i’ve never updated my blog lately.. i really forgot about this.. it’s been almost 10 days,, hasn’t it? hehe.. so wat did i do for the last 10 days?? hmm,,

actually after got back from jakarta, i still enjoyin my time at home,, yeahh, no vacation anymore.. but i really wanna go back to jakarta.. hikss,, too bad tat i becomin poor again.. ehehe.. coz finally i bought a black bag, the Loreal True Match Mineral, n a Lee Cooper jeans..

ah, havent told u abt the history of my black bag, rite? it’s like, before i went to jakarta, i alre saw tis bag on body n soul,, but i decided not to buy it bcoz i’d like to lookin forward in jakarta.. so yeaa, after got back from jakarta n got nothin, i juz bought tat without any considerations anymore.. but suddenly something shocked me out! 2 days after i bought it, the shop was throwin 30% discount to all of those clothes n bags! hell yeah! how could they do tat to me!! arrghghh… i was like,, havin bad mood all day long! :( it was really really sucks, for sure!!

Then, i met my besties since i was in highschool.. finally we met, after she got back from aussie.. hihihi.. i miss her a lot! n she brought her suitor wit us.. then we went to borobudur temple,, it was really hot n i believe tat my skin is darker now.. then we continued to ketep pass,, watched the merapi mountain through a binocular or anythin.. the wind blew so hard at tat time n the weather was totally cold too.. brrrr.. i’m waitin for the pics anyway!! :)

N tis week i alre watched 3 movies.. He’s Just Not That Into You (call me ‘so last year’ ;p), Public Enemies, n UP!! the 1st movie is generally nice.. but kinda boring.. n i juz realized tat scarlett johansson is definitely HOT! wowww.. as a girl, i juz said tat scarlet is hot.. but yeah, it’s true.. i’m kinda jealous wit her body. LOL. Public enemies is dark,, but the action thingy is sooo COOL.. really.. i never thought tat johnny is cool before, but when i saw tat film, i was melting by his appearance.. bye bye black bird :) well, the last one is UP.. two thumbs up! i meant,, wit that short film,,we can take lots messages.. lots comedy,, funny things,, but there is also sad thing. i almost cried actually,, well, u must watch tis movie!! i believe the 3D version will b much cooler!!





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