Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home sweet home :)

Is tat a rite title of ma post?? i dun think so. LOL.

today is so boring!! i got a phone call from the telkom office, asked abt the phone’s problem tat i had.. n yeaa,, finally they fixed it. ma phone was going well.. n then the problem came to ma internet link.. hav no idea wat was happening.. i thought after we repaired the phone’s link, ma inet would b run like usual.. so i called up the speedy office (again),, reported it to them.. actually the problem was in the server or sumthing.. i dunno,, dun understand abt tat.. 

so after 3 days off, without any internet link,, i spend tis whole day in front of ma laptop :P  aww yeahh,, opened ma FB, n then sum sg online shops tat really make me wanna stole it! haha.. n then opened f21 web, nine west.. hunted for sum items tat possibly available in jakarta.. hahaha.. i really cant wait to shop!! :D

SG online shops were annoyin me (n ma pocket i guessed)!! in fact ma eyes cant stop starin at those items.. must blame ma friend who introduced me to those shops.. LOL. OMG,,, sum items r too tempting to resist ;)


items above r from forever 21.. i’m dyin for the below pic!! haha.. hope i find it in jakarta :D

3685767609_67d94860d4_o 3686373886_1910d4db0f_o blackcoraldress

items above r from hervelvetvase.. i think the green n grey bustier is sweeter.. hehe. but the ascott dress is awesome too!!


items above r from hollyhoque!! i hav new interest now,, a bustier?? it’ll be look gud on me maybe.. n the tank on upper pic.. she said it’s f21 inspired tank.. but i think it’s much better than f21 :) i really really heart it!! awwww… i alre asked abt the shippin cost to indonesia.. uhuhu.. i hate when the shippin cost is more expensive than the item itself.. ughhttt,, must safe much money to tis bad habbit!! LOL..

3 days left to be a poor gal :(




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