Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indonesian President Election

So, finally,,, the day tat we were waited has alre came.. yeahh,, it’s the indonesian president election.. 3 candidates, one vote.. the 1st candidate r Mega and Prabowo,, the 2nd one r SBY n Boediono.. h the last one r Jusuf Kalla n Wiranto.. straight to the point, i chose no 2!! yeaahhh!! so why did i choose him? 1st.. i like Mr. Boediono’s face,, look kind n so nice. not like JK or prabowo tat look like an evil.. haha.. n then since SBY lead tis country 5 years ago, ma life was OK till now.. no war, no criminal, for an ordinary people like me.. i meant yeaa, of course we want more for indonesia.. not  jus always b a developin country, we must go to a leadin country.. i know it needs a lot of time,, wat a young generation like me do is givin ur vote,, n helpin them to rebuild tis country to b a better country.

well, after finished the election, me n friends went to the starbucks to got the FREE coffee,, hihi.. i chose the cold one bcoz the weather tis noon was so so hot.. yes, jus show ur finger (after we gave our vote, usually we would hav a mark at one of our lil finger) n then a free coffee comes to u.. yayyy!! :)


Until tis nite, SBY was alre lead the votes.. he got more than 58 % votes all over indonesia.. let’s hope the best for his government next 5 years :)




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