Monday, July 20, 2009

Enjoy Jakarta :)

Yayyy,,, i’m arrived in jogja again finally.. hallowww everybody!! haha.. it was a very short trip,, a short trip abt shop n eat.. yeahh,, we went mall to mall everyday n eat yummy foods everyday!! haha…


me n mom were boardin at 5.30 pm,, the flight were delayed for 1 hour.. arrived at jakarta,,stucked a lil bit on the traffic situation there.. then  ma sist took us to eat pork!! call it ‘babi kacamata’. hohoho,, it’s so damn yum!! lots of fat of course..


went off from our hum at 11.30. 1st destination was eatin! ate at soto betawi,, then continued to Grand Indonesia.. allrite,, it’s so silly dummy there.. i couldnt stop stare at forever21.. great!! i was up n down, in n out there for many times, for abt 1 hour, i guessed.. geez! i really fell in love wif sum dresses,, but too expensive.. hiks..


mom didnt allow me to bought tis dress (below pic)!! hiks.. i’m so damn cute on tat dress.. LOL.. but tis is too nice,, really.. i almost bought tat.. T____T


i couldnt find the black n white rose dress,, but i found the black tank which is look like the one at hollyhoque.. but unfortunately, the size was only available in L.. great! the smaller size were only available on gray colour.. hell yeah!! a lil bit frustrated again, coz the bag at ninewest, which is i WANTTTT, not in sale,, great! so damn expensive! hikssss… finally i bought a blue tank from zara n polkadot jumpsuit from gaudi.. tis is wat i wore tat day,, dress by zara. sandal by charles n keith..


continue the journey to plaza indonesia,, took sum cool pics, ate sour sally, for the 1st time!! wif kiwi topping.. hihihi.. delicious! :)IMG_8462 IMG_8464

ate nasi uduk for the nite,, n then continued our journey to kelapa gading mall.. juz enjoyed the euphoria,, there was a live band,, mini eiffel at kelapa gading mall.. nice :)



ate noodles for breakfast.. i like it.. hehe.. went to ITC kuningan,, bought a very cheap sling bag.. dun hav the red one, tat’s why i bought it.. n i was very frustrated at tat time, bcoz i didnt get a black bag.. argghhh!! n then a mint cardigan :) didnt get the platform n bag,, so continued to kelapa gading (again), ate burger king!! wohooo!! yum yum :D n really made my stomach full!! went to my sis’ friend wedding,, it was in bella rosa kemang,, an art gallery which is soo soo beautiful.. wore sis’ dress by mango, sandal by charles n keith.

IMG_8501 IMG_8478 IMG_8479 IMG_8483 IMG_8490


woke up very early!! bcoz my flight would departed at 3 pm.. but then suddenly i got text msg, said tat the flight was delayed to 5 pm.. yayy!!! glad coz i had more time to walked around the mall.. hohoho.. ate bun ong for breakfast.. pork again.. then went to senayan city.. fall in love wif debbenhams,, geez.. i really like redherring n dorothy perkins.. but still, too expensive.. i’m poor :(

i bought a scarf in orange.. hehe.. then got nothin,, i found a pair of steve madden shoes, n zara shoes.. the steve madden was there for me,, coz it’s black, n size 6. huhu.. the ankle boot from zara is really2 fabulous!! but didnt get the fit size for me.. so yeaa~~ no shoes,, hiks.. ate duck king for lunch!! aww yeahh., yummy!! hahaha.. i really really need to accept my increasin weight..LOL.

from 4 days 3 nite,, it was fun.. though i didnt get wat i want.. mayb i will find it in jogja.. hehehe.. bye jakarta,, wish to had a next trip, ASAP!! :)


Stuffs XD

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