Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s August!

Yayy… August finally arrived!! :)

So my bday already closed! haha.. i’m gonna b 21.. kyaaa!! big number eh?? adult woman eh?? i dun think so.. LOL.. think of throwing a party @12 august,, juz throwin, i dun buy them drinks anyway.. hahaha..

well, i alre went to campus… laallala.. met the lecturer, talked abt the class shedulin for next semester.. huhuhu.. damn it,, finally i didnt take KKN.. gonna miss my friends.. huhu..

eh eh,, tis is the borobudur pic :)

5612_227758880857_725165857_8184493_5985363_n 5612_227760450857_725165857_8184516_4926563_n 5612_227760455857_725165857_8184517_8293040_n 5612_227761725857_725165857_8184527_6435263_n 5612_227761735857_725165857_8184528_4807316_n 5612_227762870857_725165857_8184553_6885226_n

The last pic was kopeng.. n the mountain,, i think it’s merbabu one.. eehehe..

ps : i’m waiting for imel! really waitin for her.. LOL




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