Thursday, July 2, 2009

I’m not available for anythin’

Hufhhhhh~~~ beberapa minggu trakhir ini bener-bener malessssss ngapa ngapain.. mau brangkat KP males,, mau brangkat ke lapangan juga males… lama2 internetan juga bosen.. juz facebook n facebook,, really boring.. ngeblog juga males.. arrghhh!! please bring back ma courage!!

it’s alre july,, n i cant hold it anymore,, to hav a holiday!! jakarta, here i come~~~ shopping!! specially after i got tis scholarship!! yeahh :D i’m so so glad! wihhh,,, i hav lots of shopping list..

1. black high heels with straps like tis :)


2.  black bag


3. colorful purse

4. colorful sandal or flat shoes



n of course sum clothes n dresses :D

anyway, i alre bought another cardigan.. yayy! i hope it wont disappear again.. i’m glad bcoz i found the cardigan tat exacts like the old one.. hhihi..




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