Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free week ever!!

Oh well,, tis week was totally awesome.. i didnt need to go to the factory n did research.. hahaha.. i juz stayed at hum,, sat in front of ma lappie all day long,, looked like i got autism~~

well,, tis week play started wif a girl nite out wif besties.. celebrated ma friend’s holiday here.. so yeaa, met up wif her n other gals.. n of course,, took lots lots of pic! LOL.. had a karaoke, which was make me lost ma voice.. great! haha..

What i wore tat nite : Top – Mango, skirt – Urban Dose, wedge – VNC, cardigan – unbranded :)

n then at saturday~~ found a surprise tat he called me on ym.. hahaha.. after a week tat we went together.. but still~~ hufh,, cant really understand tis.. a lil bit bored at nite.. waited for ma friend,, starved so bad! urrghghh… ended tat nite at a cafe n took pics again :P

5494_210770875366_848685366_7644912_1957684_n 5494_210776865366_848685366_7645053_2952907_n  


Wat i wore : top – unbranded, boots – handmade, necklace – diy project

Last, on sunday.. had a shoppin window wif mom.. i guess it’s been really long since the last time we went to the mall together.. n yeaa,, i got ma new sandal!! yayy :D


i’ve been fallin in love wit tis sandal since i saw it in bali last december.. haha.. yayy!! still lots of  shoppin list to hunt! :)

well, couldnt stop ma hobby to buy underwear..damn! i bought 2 pieces underwear from pierre cardin,, ma mom wld kill me if she knew.. LOL




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