Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Job Job Job = Money Money Money

Okay, finally, after a very stressing yet long spare times this whole time, I got it. The job that totally new for me. Since i will learn everything new about banking. Hell yeah, I’m gonna be a great banker! Haha..

So yeah, it came for me, finally. I’ll go to BC*, joining the BDP Program, which is a career acceleration program. 3 months schooling and 9 months OJT. It will be pretty strict cos I need to get a good grade in every test. So yeah, dont want to get cut in the middle of the program. Let’s just reset my brain, lol, been a long since I used it properly. :p

Well, I believe this one is the best. Dont know why my sister prefers this bank to *stra for me. Though I still have my heart broken because of the Director rejected me. And when I found out the reason, it’s bcoz I was too confidence. Ha bloody ha! Silly, right? I cant believe it, I even felt nervous when I met him! Non sense!

Well, past is a past after all. Let’s face the new environment, the new job, and the new life in that polluted city!! :D Please, wish the best of me! ;)




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