Friday, April 22, 2011

Man & Sport

I'm making some random analysis about men's body and their sport. Lol. Remember this is just for fun.

I basically like footballers' body, they just perfectly fit, not too big or too small. They have muscles, and the calf is really hawt. Imagine how often they run. About their look, it's really various. U can find a very handsome man like David Beckham or Iker Casillas, yet there are also Drogba and another African footballers as the beasts. Lol. But I think they're good looking in their own way, they always have a beautiful spouse!!
How about basketballers? Must have a very big and thick body. Giant body generally, for centre and forward, and still need a thick one for guard. Really2 big. But here in Indonesia, you can find so many small players, even a skinny one! Also, I don't find any handsome players from NBA. :P
The other sports are F1 and MotoGP. I notice that MotoGP doesn't have a very handsome man, see Rossi or Stoner, or even Lorenzo. Yet I just recognized Vettel and Hamilton on F1 and I think they are hawt! Vettel has more babyface and hamie's smile is soooo sweet. Okey, I didn't notice the other since it was only them who had the podium. I'll watch F1 regularly from now on. Lol :D And motoGP riders usually have a skinny body, because they need light weight to ride that super big bike, so the bike will run and turn easier.
Badminton, they have regular body. Not too big muscle, with a very good calf too. The most handsome player comes from China, Fu Hai Feng! :D
Last but not least, martial art, like karate and taekwondo. They basically skinny and have lil muscle. It helps their movement, because speed matters so much in this kind of sport. But it's also various, because this sport is categorized into so many weight limit. My favorite country for taekwondo athlete is still philippines, specially the Spanish look player. :D

Do you have your own analysis??? For another sport maybe?? Or do you agree or disagree with mine??:D

xoxo ;)


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arifinfo said...

basicly, i like your analysis. every man love sport, but every man can't have perfect body :D