Thursday, January 14, 2010

miss 2009 :(

i should be sleeping by this time.. but i dunno why i couldnt.. n i keep searching for some pics.. haha.. these are some random pics from 2009..


we won the basketball championship :D we beated them all n showed to the enemy that we are the best! Atma Jaya Yogyakarta!

100_0146 1st100_0193 2nd

1  3rd

the f21 bustier dress.. hahaha.. i loveee <3 u know what, i wore this to the wedding 3 times in a row.. n so unfortunately, the EO was always the same! they saw me using this dress over n over again. the only different thing was my shoes.. LOL.. heyy, by the way, i’m fat, arent i?? =((


a trip to depok beach with besties.. celebrating ricko’s bday.. ate seafood, screamed like crazy.. hahaha..but it was fun! :D


100_0223  100_0218 100_0220 100_0222

had a christmas dinner with my family :) in gajah wong (the 1st time)’s an expensive restaurant for jogja, for sure.. well, me, chose the salmon with mashed potato.. n it tasted so yummy! the 2nd food is australian steak for my bro,,n then chicken teriyaki for my mom, n last is seafood fettucine for my sis.. they taste good! :D

the last pics are my photo session with those lovely girls! haha,, in fact, we did it for celebrating christmas.. taken by my friend, wahyu. for complete pics, check this out :

so, 2009 was a past, but it still reminds on my heart, n i can take some experinces and lessons from that :)




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