Sunday, January 24, 2010

January’s blasts

A lot of parties threw on this January..hohohooh.. i love party! =) meme’s bday, rev’s wedding,ivonne’s bro wedding,dnis n vita’s bday.. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY…

Jus wanna show u some pics from the wedding party i attended.. the first one was from revina’s wedding party.. rev is my junior high school friend..our relationship was kinda awkward,bcoz of a boy that really sucks actually..i dont even know why i liked him, twice.. arrrgghhh!! although many speculations i heard for her wedding,,but still, i juz wanna say congratz for the wedding n may u have a happy family :)

the wedding was like a reunion for our junior high friends..lots of them were came.. some ppl r already change, the other r still the same.. in a freaky way..hahhaha..




the 2nd wedding was my friend’s brother.. i didnt come to her sister’s wed last year.. n then this wed was quite different.. coz it was a standing party,,dont u know that Jogja’s chinese wed is always use round table? i like the peking duck! haha.. well,so unlucky,coz fe’s MMC was error, dunno why..we could only use the camera phone..hikssss…


there’s still one more bday party at the end of the will upload the pics later..hohoho..




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