Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shopping list

I guess i’m not counted as a shopaholic,  i dun have much money to shop indeed.. geez, but i think i have to must push my shopping sense! damn! this january, i already bought 2 things.. n i still wait for more..

so much things i needed.. wallet.. if u look at my wallet, then u’ll know why i should buy wallet.. my wallet is gross now! dirty.. so i decided to buy this! but in white color.. :)

463827877 596346538 671775131 710019149 944509560

okey, the 2nd thing is watch.. feel guilty for this one.. buttttt.. i juz too fell to this thing.. hahahaha..7325_100686339954931_100000406965767_15820_4189983_n

think about having the watch above,, but thennn i saw the guess watch.. LOL!n i cant resist this! see that stones??!! :D


oh wow, n i still have that denim vest, twisted belt, crocs.. stop thiss!! grrrr.. hahaha.. FEEL GUILTY..(_ _)




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