Saturday, April 25, 2009


Phewww, had been so busy tis day,,, prepared for the basketball event on monday,, hikss,, almost had a fight wif a parkin guy in front of campus.. sh*t!! y i should pay for a parkin in front of ma own campus??!! juz bcoz it's a graduation day n so many vehicles stop by in front of the campus.. haizzz,,n then should pay 2000 for it!!! i didnt even attend the graduation!! is he blind??!! i wear ma short pants n a tshirt!! geezz, really burned ma emotion!!

Went to a campus event at nite,,, which is so suckss...juz bcoz of achay!! huhuh!! n then suddenly spotted a lil boutique =D quite good, the stuffs r cheap, n i alre liked some stuffs.. but i still wait for my fringe boots to come~ yippie!!

after tat had a lil vodka nite~~ haaha.. playin biliard,, it's been so long since the last time i played it,, hoho.. not as disappointed as i thought before.. won twice!!

Nah, tis one is my drink!! coffee latte~~ XD

And tis nite, tried to mix n match my new n old clothes~~ n voila!! tat jeans shirt looks cool =D

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