Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tis week's update!!

Yaaa, monday, startin the atmajaya basketball days 2009,,, in a rush!! n very2 tired.. geez, woke up @ 7 on monday!! really sux~~ n then presented the 1st assignment abt supply chain management.. gud enough,, hehe.. so yeaa, one task is done!! =D
after tat continued TPFM,, aihhhh, will hav a dateline next monday @8~~ we need to b fast gals.. phewww... n dun forget the paper, submit on friday.. n it means tomorrow~~ YAAA, TOMORROW.. n we didnt even combine it each other n stick those things.. argghhh, still so much to do~~

tuesday,, ohh, i love tuesday~~ no class @ 7, no class @ 9.30.. it's heaven babe~~ hahaha,,, even though i alre printed ma assignment for the 2nd class,,, pheww,, bt tat's ok, coz no need to presented it again.. haha..

wednesday, oyeahh!! another day i liked.. hoho,, no class @ 7, meant no presentation tat day!! hihihi,, bt then presented the industrial control system paper... n then stayed in uni till 6.30,, tis could b the longest time i've stayed on campus.. doin ma template.. n then continued it @ hum.. oh well, it's finally finished.. but still needa fix..

Yayyy,, watched MU-arsenal game tonite!! yippie!! very great game by ManUtd!!

Today, woke up @2 pm.. yeaaa, yeaaa, i know i'm supa lazy~~ LOL.. today's assignment is finishin ma TPFM thingy.. n then go to dinner for lina's bday~~
Tryin a different look today,, which is so DIFFERENT.. haha.. check shirt, mini jeans skirt, stocking, n sneakers.. voila!!
Haizz, i hate ma friends, they teased me a lot!! said tat i juz back from an aerobic!! LOL~~ silly, it called fashion guyz.. huhh... tat's why jogja is so NDESO.. hahaha.. nobody will wear an outfit like tis to a campus, here, in Jogja.. huhuh, poor jogja..


Look at tat super tiny salty fish!! =D

Nahhh, presenting a new way to brush ur teeth.. hahaha..

Happy 21st bday Lin!!!
(Above, left to right : Achay, Ricko, Ai, Lina, Alvin)
(Below, left to right : Tepho, Novi, Me, Sari, Dinar)
(minus : harris) >>> boker po???



TepHow said...

dun like the pict of me here!! coz of i hav a blitz allergic a.k.a MEREM liad blitZZ!!uuuwwwhhhh

Susan You said...

LOL!! hahahahha~~~~
derita kaw buk~~
lha opo meh ditempelin matane tweety???